2 Little Fish & 5 Loaves of Bread

2 Little Fish & 5 Loaves of Bread

I bet you have been missing your regular dose of Brody & his massive amount of cuteness. No need to fear, I have just the video for you. Try to ignore the fact that this little ball of energy is singing a melody in his underwear.

While we are up in Virginia for a few weeks the boys go to school during the day while my husband and I are in our own classes. It’s been so exciting to see them come home everyday with something new they’ve learned. Last week Brody’s class was learning about the story in Matthew 14 where Jesus feeds the multitudes with two fish and five loaves of bread. I warn you, the little tune is catchy. ┬áSo don’t blame me if it gets stuck in your head the rest of the week.

2 thoughts on “2 Little Fish & 5 Loaves of Bread

  1. I could eat him with a spoon!!! Josiah is loving school too, thankfully. We Skyped the other night so he could show off his mad skilz in the Shorter Catechism! Gigi (me) was floored that he knew the first 3 so fast considering it’s taking me forever!! :o)

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